EBEN Research Conference 2017

This year's EBEN Research Conference will be held in Athens (Greece), September 6-8.  Theme of the conference: "Ethics, the Economy and the Idea of Justice".   More details.

Organised by the European Business Ethics Network Greek Chapter

Nowadays, both businesses and the society are confronted with a number of highly difficult developments. Many European economies are still affected by the global economic crises and despite the good education that is provided to the majority of citizens, the unemployment rates are remaining at a high level in most European countries. Additionally, as a result of global poverty and conflicts, the refugee crisis caught the European Union off guard and the strengthening of anti-immigrant, euro-sceptic and extreme right parties all over Europe raises the question of the European democratic stronghold. Moreover, the exposed dramatic scale of tax fraud questions the integrity of businesses and individuals. And as if all this was not yet enough, Great Britain turns its back on the European Union, revealing the need for reformation of the European Institutions.

The aim of the conference
Having these various crises in mind the question is raised of how stability can be restored. What role can ethics, the economy and justice play in this situation? Which potentials do they have and where are their constraints? In particular, the concept of Justice as an essential component of sustainability is at the focus. According to Dower, justice is about realizing the same basic rights for all. Though, he claims that the global economy fails to realize justice and sustainability (Dower 2004). The aim of this Research Conference is to promote the exchange of knowledge and to propose solution approaches of how ethics, the economy and justice can contribute to a stable society.

The following keywords might help to frame the subject:
• ethics and economy
• different theories of CSR
• global justice | institutional justice | individual justice | Plato’s justice
• workplace justice | businesses and global justice | Institutions and justice
• ethics in a global economy | essentials for a just economy and society
• CSR, sustainability and global ethics | justice as a requirement for sustainability