EBEN Research Conference 2019, Roskilde, Denmark, 26 to 28 of September

Upcoming Research Conference

The Research Conference will consist on several thematic workshops. One workshop will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, and the role of corporations with respect to these goals.

2019 Annual Research Conference Roskilde, Denmark at Roskilde University next 26 tot 28 of September.

Over the years the AC and the RC had become very similar. Therefore, it has been decided during the last general assembly to change the format of the EBEN research conference in order to bring it back to its initial mission (discussing work in progress).

The format is the following. One theme is proposed by the organizers. In Roskilde this is: “the role of corporations with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals. Researchers who are working on projects or papers related to this theme are invited to submit their proposals. The organizers will select between 10 and 20 proposals. The selected participants are supposed to attend all the sessions during which these papers will be discussed.

Besides the topic chosen by the organizers, other workshops may be organized on a similar basis, each focusing on a specific topic and bringing together at least 10 people. Some people have already mentioned their interest to organize such a workshop in Roskilde.

Workshop proposals can be sent to eben@edhec.edu before 15 May. In principle, we assume that the people who make a proposal will already have some participants in mind. The aim is to invite others to join the group. Therefore, we will post the proposals (and their organizers) on the website so that all interested people can submit their work in progress to the organizers of the workshop.

By 15 June we will fix the program together with the people who organize the workshops. 
Participation fee: 250€ (EBEN members), 350€ (non members), 100€ (PhD students & retired academics)

Here is the link to the conference website : https://events.ruc.dk/eben-research-conference-2019


Previous RC's

  • 2018: Vienna (Austria), Beyond Corruption - Fraudulent Behavior in and of Corporations"
  • 2017: Greece, Athens, "Ethics, the Economy and the Idea of Justice"
  • 2016: Palermo, Italy, "Ethical behavior and ethical disclosure".
  • 2015: Copenhagen, Denmark, "Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics"
  • 2014: Lisbon, Portugal, "Ethics in a time of crisis"
  • 2013: Pamplona, Spain, "Measuring and valuing corporate reputation: being good and looking good"
  • 2012: Newcastle, UK, "Accountability, transparency, sustainability"
  • 2011: Dublin, Ireland, "Does Integrity Matter?"
  • 2010: Tampere, Finland, "From Theory to Practice – How does business ethics matter?"
  • 2009: Beer-Sheva, Israel, "Conflicts in the World of Business Ethics"
  • 2008: Lille, France, "Power Relations in and around Corporations"
  • 2007: Bergamo, Italy, "Finance plus Society in Ethical Perspective"
  • 2006: St. Petersburg, Russia, "Normative Foundations of Corporate Responsibility"
  • 2005: Tallinn, Estonia, "'Ethics in leadership. Ethical challenges in economic, political, and social reality"
  • 2004: Twente, the Netherlands, "Ethics and Entrepreneurship"
  • 2003: Oslo, Norway, "Walking the Talk" - Closing the Gap between Corporate Principles and CSR Reporting"
  • 2002: Posnan, Poland, "The ethical dimensions of Corporate Governance"
  • 2001: Konstanz, Germany, "Global Social Standards"
  • 2000: Lyon, France, "From Words to Deeds"