Starting an EBEN network

When you set up an EBEN National Network you are establishing a local group with connection to a larger European family with siblings across Europe and cousins across the world. National networks organise conferences, workshops etc. for their own local members but in the meantime stay member of the EBEN international network giving their members also these extra benefits.

Call for papers: 21st IESE International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society

The 21st IESE International Symposium on Ethics, Business, and Society focuses on the future of work, with special attention given to how the human dignity of people and the dignity of work should be respected and promoted, and how human flourishing may be fostered at the workplace and in the design of organizations, along with other related topics. Although any conceptual or empirical paper related to the general theme of the symposium is welcome.

Workshop 2: Shared Responsibilities for a New Social Contract

The policy about CSR in the EU has steered towards the goal of sustainability. The European Commission and key actors in the promotion of an ethical economy have come to understand that the challenges ahead require going beyond the idea of corporate responsibilities as stakeholder management, not to mention mere philanthropy. The EU has launched the project of a Green Deal and made it its number one priority.

Date: May 7th, 2021

Workshop 1: Self-regulation of Market Ethics

There are several mechanisms that enforce companies to refrain from unethical behaviour. Each mechanism creates certain incentives that benefit the company, when the rule is followed, then when it is broken.

About us

The European Business Ethics Network supports initiatives at cross-European, National and regional levels. We have 18 National Networks established in several countries.