EBEN Annual Conference

EBEN has a long tradition of organising their Annual Conferences where both academics and practitioners network, share their experiences and learn from each other.

The 2018 Annual Conference will take place in June in Tilburg University, the Netherlands, with the theme "Reinventing Capitalism – Business Ethics and its contribution to the “Doux Commmerce”". 

Previous AC's

  • 2017: Finland, Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, "Searching for Sustainability in Future Working Life"
  • 2016: UK, Nottingham Trent University, "The development of responsible and sustainable Business Practices"
  • 2015: Istanbul, Turkey, "Business Ethics, Peace and Environmental Issues"
  • 2014: Berlin, Germany, "Business Ethics in a European Perspective - A Case for Unity in Diversity?"
  • 2013: Lille, France, "License to Operate"
  • 2012: Barcelona, Spain, "Work, Virtues and Flourishing"
  • 2011: Antwerp, Belgium, "Dare to Care: building a caring organisation"
  • 2010: Trento, Italy, "Which Values for Which Organisations"
  • 2009: Athens, Greece, "Pathos for Ethics, Business Excellence, Leadership and Quest for Sustainability"
  • 2008: Antalya, Turkey, "Professional Ethics in Business and Social Life"
  • 2007: Leuven, Belgium, "The European Identity in Business and Social Ethics"
  • 2006: Vienna, Austria, "Ethics in and of Global Organisations"
  • 2005: Bonn, Germany, "Balancing Business and Public Interests"
  • 2004: Twente, the Netherlands, "Ethics and Entrepreneurship"
  • 2003: Budapest, Hongary, "Building Ethical Institutions for Business"
  • 2002: Brussels, Belgium, "Transparency, Sustainability and Financial Markets"
  • 2001: Valencia, Spain, "Business Ethics in the Information and Communication Society"
  • 2000: Cambridge, UK, "Ethics: Leadership and Accountability"
  • 1999: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, "Business Challenging Business Ethics - New instruments for coping with diversity in international business"
  • 1998: Leuven, Belgium, "The Ethics of Participation: How to Share Work, Profit and Ownership?"