European Business Ethics Network

EBEN Calls for proposals

EBEN Calls for proposals for an on-line series of thematic research workshops  – plus a Ph. D. Workshop – to be scheduled during the Late Spring 2021 (April – June 2021). Several of these workshops are already organized and scheduled, but all of them have still slots open for people who would like to participate. You will find information below.

However, the call is for proposals is open to all EBEN Members who may suggest a workshop on a specific theme. Workshops will be held on-line, and they are expected to be approximately one or two sessions (e.g. 2-4 hours)of papers and discussion, typically to be held in one single morning or evening. The organization of these individual workshops –on-line platform, schedule, selection of papers and format, within the general guidelines approved by EBEN– will be responsibility of the workshop coordinator.

The deadline for workshop proposals is February 15. The workshops to be arranged will be announced through the EBEN Website by the end of February 2021. The selection of presenters and format of the workshop is coordinated by the organizer of the workshop. However, all EBEN members should be able to attend on-line. Except otherwise announced, the working language will be English. No fees will be charged. If necessary, a call for papers related to individual workshops will be circulated through the EBEN Newsletter and EBEN distribution list.

 Please submit your proposals to indicating the following:
EBEN Member who acts as coordinator/convener of the workshop.

Contact e-mail.
Brief justification of topic
Proposed participants /confirmed participants
In case of an open call for papers, complete draft of the call.
Preference of date (if any), say early May, mid June, etc.

Ms. Lynda Sion
24 avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411  
Tel. : + 33 (0)3 20 15 45 47