European Business Ethics Network

Message from the EBEN New ExCom

Dear EBEN Members,

Welcome to the newsletter (edition July 2021) of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN). We are working to develop business ethics in Europe in theory and practice. Business ethics is becoming more and more important for contemporary business both as behavioral and theoretical business ethics.

Contemporary challenges of COVID-19, scandals of corruption and tax evasion, climate change and environmental challenges corporate social responsibility and competition, digitalization, global justice, internationalization, and cultural particularity throughout Europe make our work on business ethics even more important. We need to focus on virtues, values, responsibility, and judgment to avoid immoral behavior in business.

Here, it is also important to focus on managerial ethics and moral character in leadership, and the important concept of integrity at the organizational and individual level is necessary to develop in organizational ethics, values-driven management, organizational culture and meaningful work and ethics in marketing and commerce.

Moreover, we need to link business ethics with broader issues of organizational behavior and social responsibility of business and business and society, including ecological and sustainable responsibility. Indeed, business ethics needs a global outreach towards global responsibility and corporate citizenship in globalization with a global and cosmopolitan outreach. This is among the contemporary challenges of business ethics that we in EBEN need to deal with.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that the at the May general assembly newly Elected EXCOM has started to work with a lot of inspiration and energy. We are happy that we have an EXCOM with both continuity and change.

We are three members (Eberhard Schnebel, Marjo Siltaoja and Jacob Dahl Rendtorff) who have a been reelected for four more years and three new and fresh members with many innovative ideas (Leire San-Jose, Silvana Signori and Björn Fasterling).

We are so lucky that we still have our secretariat in Lille, connected to the EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL, with Lynda Sion as our hard-working secretary and Bjørn as a local faculty member.

We are happy for the new members of the EXCOM and we are also very thankful to the work of the outgoing members of the EXCOM, Pedro Francés Gómez, Yves Fassin, and Geert Demuijnck who did such a huge work as president of EBEN during the difficult period of COVID-19. So, the EXCOM would like to express our gratitude to the work of these past members of the EXCOM.

Now, we are working to prepare the activities of EBEN for the next year. Unfortunately, it was still not possible to organize an EBEN-research conference with physical presence of participants for autumn, but we hope to have strong presence with new on-line workshops. Please respond to our call for workshop and we will evaluate the proposals and select several good workshops to take place during autumn 2021.

We also remind you about our next annual conference which will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia in spring 2022, organized by EBEN-Russia. We look forward to this conference which will surely be unforgettable with good papers and academic exchange on business ethics combined with presentation of practical challenges for business companies.

Thus, the situation of EBEN is good and we are planning many activities. The membership situation is stable, and we are expanding with new networks in different countries. Many members are consulting the website and interested in network contacts and exchange of theory and practice of business ethics.

Just, one practical issue for those who want to be sure to receive the newsletter directly. Here, you will have to sign up for this on our EBEN website with positive acceptance of future newsletters due to GDPR-regulation.

With this, the new EXCOM would like to wish all members and EBEN networks a good summer and we hope to be back with even more suggestions for workshops, conference, and business ethics exchanges during the year.

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, President of EBEN


Ms. Lynda Sion
24 avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411  
Tel. : + 33 (0)3 20 15 45 47